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HEY! Welcome to our BRAND NEW website. Please be patient with us while we upload content of our travels, as we literally just exited the woods after 6 months of hiking across the country!


– extensive appalachian trail foraging guide

– recipe guide for healthy, compassionate, and eco-friendly long distance hiking foods

– videos on van building

– lots of adventure stories!  

If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet.

~Rachel Wolchen

Hey there fellow explorers! We’re so glad you discovered 2 Vegans and a Van. We invite you to jumpstart your new epic healthy adventure lifestyle or tailgate vicariously through our journeys! We’re SUPER excited to share with you photos, videos, tips, how to’s, and in depth instructional guides on long distance backpacking and camping, foraging wonderful wild edibles, building a fully livable camper van, creating recipes of plant-based deliciousness, and embracing an ultimate life of freedom and fulfilment. 😀

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We’ve only just begun our new shared life of adventure and we’re thrilled for you to be a part of our journeys! The next adventure is always on the horizon. 


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We just returned to our computer after hiking for 6 months on the Appalachian Trail! Please check back soon as we post articles and stories of our journey.

Cheers to Chewing on Chickweed

Cheers to Chewing on Chickweed

Plant: Stellaria pubera, Star ChickweedDry leaves crunched under our feet as we made our way through the coldness of early spring, when the the naked trees would groan and squeak, being swayed by the howling wind. While most of the forest appeared to be void of life,...

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All of the photos from our Appalachian Trail journey were taken on a cellphone. Stay tuned for higher quality photos of the next adventure. 🙂